About the Ashram

“All missions are my mission.”


YOGINI ASHRAM is where the ancient and dynamic traditions of Kriya, Tantra and Yoga are cultivated and taught. The practical techniques (Kriyas) trigger changes in the consciousness and turn the mind and vital being toward the inner Self or Soul. The individual Soul (Jiva) becomes the Divine Cosmic Soul (Shiva). Kriya Tantra Yoga is a grand spiritual tradition indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and expounded by the great Sages of Yoga and Tantra (Siddhars). The climax of that glorious tradition is a Yogi of perpetual youth known as Babaji, who is directly accessible as a protector and guide to all who seek him.

Yogini Ashram was conceived in 1988, through the guidance of Babaji. The Ashram is an oasis of spiritual light and a powerful vortex of energy which houses the largest collection of traditionally hand engraved copper yantras in the western world. Advanced private and public training are offered.

About the Teacher

Babaji began working behind the scenes with Ayyappa Giri (born Edmond Hoggard) in 1957, when he was trained in a mystical process by his mother, Lenore Elkins. In 1969 Ayyappa was initiated by Babaji through a dream. Babaji continued to work with Ayyappa energetically and approximately a year later, Babaji materialized to Ayyappa in a waking state and blessed him with a profound bliss and assignment. Within a year SatGuru Babaji guided Ayyappa to his Diksha Guru, Yogi Ramaiah, with whom Ayyappa spent the next 20 years receiving many techniques as well as the technical climax of the tradition, pranayam by the phases of the moon (Swara Yoga). The SatGuru is the true Guru. Subsidiary teachers (UpaGurus), are vehicles through whom the Satguru works. The most powerful mantra in the Kriya tradition is the precious MahaKali Chew mantra, which Ayyappa received in 1989, after much yogic practice (sadhana) at Kali Loka, the Ashram Mountain Retreat near Big Bear. The name Ayyappa was given by the celebrated Guru Yogi Ramaiah and the name Giri by the saint of Gangotri, Om Giri Maharaj.

Ayyappa teaches the advanced yogic and tantric practices directly guided by Babaji. The tradition is not a monastic one as Babaji has encouraged relationships and full engagement in the world.

Instructed by his Guru, Ayyappa was educated for and became a Certified Prosthetist and Medical Administrator. Following Babaji’s principles of integrating work as worship, he is an active professor and lecturer in regional medical and physical therapy schools, publishing over 50 articles in the fields of instrumented gait, prosthetics and orthotics.

Over time, Ayyappa has become integrated with the consciousness of all great teachers and his sadhana is focused on pulling in the Divine Energy (Shiva-Shakti) for the benefit of all who are open to receive it.

“OM Hring Kalinani Swaha!!! Jai Ma!”

© 1990, 2009 Ed Ayyappa