Coming Up at Yogini Ashram


Maha Shivaratri – The Great Night of Lord Shiva

Join us to celebrate this most auspicious night of Lord Shiva, ruler of consciousness and granter of boons.

Evening includes Yantra Puja, Abishek (ritual bathing) of the Yogini Ashram Shivalingam and Kirtan.


According to the ancient texts, during the mystical churning of the ocean – Samudra Manthan, a pot of poison emerged from the waters placing the world in grave danger. With all beings and gods risk, the great ones turned to Shiva for help. In order to protect the world,  he drank the deadly poison but held it in his throat instead of swallowing it. This turned his throat blue, and since then he came to be known as ‘Nilakantha’, the blue-throated one. Shivaratri is a celebration of this event by which Shiva saved the world.

In Yoga the ocean represents the universal consciousness and connecting with Shiva at this potent time allows us the opportunity to purify our own consciousness and receive his protection and going blessing in our lives.


Join Us to Celebrate the Potentiality of the Full Moon

Our evening begins with a flower ceremony using the Sacred Crystal Yantra (yogic geometry) for Sri + chanting her mantra. We then move our to the outdoor sacred fire to meditate bathed in the renewing energy of the full moon. This is a powerful and auspicious time for setting high intention for the month ahead. We will have time to chat, have chai and connect following the meditation.

All sincere souls welcome

We offer this Puja by donation.